Manufacturing & Testing

Once a new product has been developed, PetroMar can also be a trusted partner in manufacturing. We can produce the entire product, including complete downhole tools, or any subset of components or subsystems.

Our attention to quality and efficiency allows us to meet ongoing production commitments so our customers can focus on other aspects of their business. Our range of manufacturing expertise ranges from module-level high-reliability circuits to entire systems and control panels. We have a special expertise in the techniques and methods necessary to produce reliable and accurate downhole equipment.

PetroMar can handle all aspects of the transition from development to manufacturing, including board and subsystem level test development, assembly procedures, integration testing, and final qualification. If CE or other certifications are required, our experienced team can ensure the process is a smooth one.

We can help you design a manufacturing test regimen which is appropriate for your product and which provides the right type of testing at the right point in the production process to minimize costs and maintain highest quality. A key part of the testing strategy is to determine the right mix of standard vs. custom test equipment, to leverage in-system testing as appropriate, and to ensure the test regimen continuously evolves in response to observed test results.