Biotech/Medical /Pharma

PetroMar Industrial can augment your R&D capabilities by engaging at different stages of product development, from ideation, through all stages of engineering to testing and manufacturing automation.

What makes PetroMar an attractive partner in the development of medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications is the broad range of science and sensor physics disciplines within the capabilities of the team combined with extensive engineering, data management and analytical experience. This multi-disciplinary approach enables innovative solutions to problems that benefit from fusion of multiple types of measurements resulting in more robust sensing and process control capabilities.

Example applications include:

  • Bioreactor monitoring and control
  • Medical device development and testing
  • Manufacturing product testing, including custom functional testing
  • Electronic drug delivery testing

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BioTech/Medical/Pharma Skillsets/Expertise:


PetroMar can design build and integrate a system including any combination of the following off the shelf or custom sensors:

  • inductive
  • capacitive
  • optical
  • NMR
  • acoustic
  • temperature
  • pressure
  • PH
  • chemometric sensors

PetroMar will do the mechanical design necessary to incorporate the sensors in the system. With experience in design for harsh environments (pressures up to 30,000 PSI, temperatures up to 500F and corrosive environments) we can deliver a turn-key solution for any application.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

The sensor’s data acquisition system can be integrated into one compact device or distributed, communicating with the data store over one of many industrial buses or Ethernet.

PetroMar can integrate all of the measurements into a common data store (typically based on an industry standard SQL database) and provide customized visualization and analytical tools to assist in Process Control as well as Research and Development activities. The analytical tools can include inversion techniques and cluster analysis methods. The use of industry standard data storage facilitates seamless integration with off the shelf Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools to analyze the collected data, either historical or on line.

When required to meet regulatory approval PetroMar will develop the data acquisition and processing system to meet the CFT Title 21 Part 11 compliance requirements.

Process Analytical Technology

PetroMar design and support merges seamlessly with Process Analytical Technology and Quality by Design initiatives applied to the development and testing process. PetroMar can help with:

  • Design, implementation and integration of the process analyzers, including good understanding of the sensors, their performance and limitations
  • Integration with off-the shelf or custom process control tools

“Closing the Loop” – Control Systems

PetroMar can assist in the development of equipment and controls necessary for closing the control loop. Turn-key solutions are offered including:

  • mechanical design
  • electrical and power
  • actuators
  • heaters
  • valves

The controls are closely coupled with the sensing system and process control tools as well as visualization.

Multi-Physics Finite Element Analysis

Applying multi-physics modeling to product and system development allows for early evaluation of critical parts of the design and leads to:

  • faster time to market and reduced development cost due to fewer iterations of prototype hardware configurations
  • improved product performance achieved through computer optimization of the modeled system
  • Characterization of parameters which are difficult or impossible to measure in-line without disturbing the system.

Nearly all physical phenomena can be included and linked together in a comprehensive system model that also takes into account material properties and their dependence on environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure or chemical composition. Examples include:

  • Thermal modeling, including conduction, convection and flow related heat transport
  • Flow modeling in various regimes, including porous media flow
  • Electromagnetic modeling of sensor fields and their interaction with samples
  • NMR sensor modeling
  • Mechanical stress analysis of complex systems
  • Acoustic wave propagation, acoustic sensing


Traceability and integrity of the measurements, data acquisition and process controls are important and PetroMar will assist in definition and execution of Performance Qualification (PQ), Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) procedures for the product or process.

The PetroMar Industrial team members are Energy Technology experts and have developed commercially successful products and solutions for customers across a wide range of energy applications. We specialize in applied research, complex sensor-based product development, software applications, manufacturing, and automated production test systems. We offer ongoing manufacturing and sustaining of the products we design if desired by our customer.

A key differentiator for PetroMar as an engineering services provider and Open Innovation partner is our full multi-disciplinary scientific, engineering, and technical team all co-located in one facility. This allows for efficient, focused product development or other service offering with minimal management overhead required from our customers.

Please contact us at to learn more about how we can bring our energy + innovation to bear on your BioTech/Medical/Pharma needs