Industrial Solutions

PetroMar Industrial can augment your internal research, product development, engineering, manufacturing, and/or product sustaining capabilities with a suite of services targeting your specific needs.

PetroMar sets itself apart as an engineering services partner by offering a full multidisciplinary team of scientific, engineering, programming, and technical experts in one location. This multi-disciplinary approach enables innovative solutions to industrial product challenges.

The PetroMar Industrial team members are industrial technology experts and have developed commercially successful products and solutions for customers across a wide range of industrial applications. We specialize in applied research, complex sensor-based product development, and automated test systems, and offer ongoing manufacturing and sustaining of the products we design if desired by our customer.

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Turnkey Industrial/OEM Product Development

PetroMar Industrial brings a full multidisciplinary product development team to the proverbial table, with extensive experience developing custom products to meet the requirements set forth by our industrial/OEM clients.

We can handle all aspects of the product development cycle from helping to set requirements through detailed system design, electrical design, embedded/firmware design, mechanical and packaging design, application software development, prototyping, testing/characterization, field testing, documentation, regulatory approval, pilot production, manufacturing, and ongoing product sustaining once the product is commercially released.

To you as a customer, this means that all aspects of the product development process will be carefully managed by PetroMar, with regular reporting and milestone-driven decision points, to help ensure that new products are delivered on time and on budget. As the customer you will not be required to act as a general contractor arbitrating disputes between different subcontractors. You have one point of contact, and PetroMar will be responsible for all aspects of the development.

Our focus on and experience in OEM/Industrial/B2B relationships means we understand your needs and will work with you to minimize risk and meet requirements with respect to schedule, cost, and performance. We will also provide regular reporting to help with your internal project management.

Power Electronics

PetroMar offers custom and semi-custom solutions for a wide array of power converter needs. Our experienced team of power electronics experts honed their skills in the energy (including downhole), industrial, and aerospace segments where high efficiency, high power density, electromagnetic compatibility and high reliability are always required.

Power conversion techniques and approaches utilized include:

  • High efficiency resonant converters and power amplifiers
  • Z source inverters
  • SiC (Silicon Carbide) and GaN (Gallium Nitride) devices
  • DSP based power controllers
  • Control of conducted and radiated emissions
  • Space Vector Modulation

Complementing PetroMar’s electronics, component, and magnetics expertise is a fully staffed electromechanical packaging group which works closely with our electrical engineers and our customers to provide packaging solutions which meet application mounting requirements while also providing the proper thermal and electromagnetic performance to assure that the required power is available when needed for the lifetime of the product.

Modeling and simulation plays a big part in both electrical and mechanical designs, ensuring that the systems are well-understood prior to bread-boarding and then prototyping. Our experts use SPICE circuit simulations (even extracting detailed model parameters from components via curve tracer measurements when needed) and SolidWorks or Comsol finite element packages for thermal and electromagnetics modeling.

Our power converter designs can be optimized for a particular application and include high-density, high-efficiency, and high-reliability designs for:

  • AC/DC rectifiers/supplies
  • DC/AC inverters/supplies
  • DC/DC converters/supplies
  • Battery management systems
  • High-power RF transmitters
  • Embedded power converters

Design for Harsh Environments (High Temperature, High Vibration/Shock, High Pressure)

A key aspect of successful product development is a detailed understanding of the operational environment in which the product will be deployed and used, and a design which is optimized for that environment. The PetroMar team has developed dozens of commercially successful products for such harsh environments as:

  • downhole oil & gas exploration (150C to 210C+ ambient temperature, up to 30,000 psi ambient pressure, high-humidity, high-vibration, up to 1000g shock resistance required)
  • aerospace (125C+, high-vibration, high-shock)
  • industrial (85C+, high-vibration, high-shock, high-humidity)

Such experience involves use of special techniques (e.g. circuit design, PCB layout, shock/vibration isolation design, etc.), processes (soldering, PCA assembly, product manufacturing, etc.), and materials (solders, adhesives, elastomers, etc.) to ensure that the electronics, actuators, packaging and other aspects of a product will meet and exceed requirement.

Sensors and Sensor Physics

PetroMar has extensive experience designing and integrating custom, semi-custom, or off-the-shelf sensors into products and systems. Example sensor types applicable to industrial markets include:

  • vibration/shock monitoring and analytics
  • temperature/pressure monitoring and analytics
  • battery monitoring and charge sensing
  • integrated wireless/IoT/IoE/M2M
  • inductive/capacitive/electromagnetic
  • optical
  • acoustic/ultrasonic

PetroMar will handle sensor selection (or design, if a custom solution is needed), electronics integration, firmware/control, networking, database integration, and application software and analytics if needed. We have a particular expertise in designs for harsh environments comprising extremes of temperature, vibration, shock, and pressure. We can deliver full a turn-key solution for your application.

Finite Element Modeling, including Coupled Multi-physics and Optimization

Applying multi-physics modeling to product and system development allows for early evaluation of critical parts of the design and leads to:

  • faster time to market and reduced development cost due to fewer iterations of prototype hardware configurations
  • improved product performance achieved through computer optimization of the modeled system, and associated insights into parameter sensitivity

Using this technique, nearly all physical phenomena can be included and linked together in a comprehensive system model that also takes into account material properties and their dependence on environmental parameters such as temperature or pressure.

Examples include:

  • Custom sensor, product, or system design and optimization
  • Thermal modeling, including conduction, convection and flow related heat transport
  • Flow modeling in various regimes, including porous media flow over a wide range of physical scale
  • Electromagnetic modeling of fields within a system or product
  • Mechanical stress analysis of complex systems

Data Acquisition, Data Processing, and Data Analysis/Analytics

A custom data acquisition system can be integrated into one compact device or distributed, communicating with a database or the cloud over one of many industrial buses, Ethernet, or a wireless link.

PetroMar can integrate all of the measurements into a common data store (typically based on an industry standard SQL database) and provide customized visualization and analytical tools to assist in smart grid applications, machinery/device health monitoring, and other similar applications. The analytical tools can include inversion techniques and cluster analysis methods.

Software applications which are platform agnostic and highly maintainable/portable/extendable can also be developed to your requirements, with ownership of the custom program always remaining with you, the customer.

Mechanical Engineering and Electromechanical Packaging

PetroMar Industrial offers fully custom mechanical designs and electromechanical packaging solutions for a wide range of applications in the energy field.

The energy industry makes use of a very broad array of mechanical structures, systems, and assemblies. In addition to a need for high-pressure and high-temperature structures and assemblies in many product lines (particularly those serving downhole functions), there is a vast array of complex mechanical systems used in power generation and conversion. PetroMar will use its expertise and experience to provide designs which meet your requirements in applications such as wind, solar, electrical grid, pipelines, or any other energy/utility need.

We can also develop innovating electromechanical packaging solutions for highly integrated sensor/electronics products, including IoT/IoE/M2M applications.


While many of PetroMar Industrial’s clients engage us to provide product designs which they plan to manufacture themselves, we are often also asked to perform prototype, pilot, or even production manufacturing of the products or assemblies we have designed.

Our special expertise is in the manufacture of complex electromechanical products which comprise several electronic and mechanical subsystems, which must be built, integrated, and extensively tested against stringent requirements before they can be shipped.

Whether it is a wireless vibration sensor network and application program for machine-monitoring applications, a specially designed high-efficiency power converter for the HVAC, a certified and UL approved high-power battery backup product for building safety systems, or any other industrial product or subassembly, PetroMar can be your trusted manufacturing partner.

Please contact us at to learn more about how we can bring our energy + innovation to bear on your industrial product development, sustaining, or manufacturing needs.