FracView™ LWD Acoustic Borehole Imager and Caliper

The FracView™ LWD Borehole Imager provides high-resolution borehole images and caliper data while drilling with oil-based or water-based muds.

The images are acquired by two dynamically focused ultrasonic transducers capable of automatic adjustment of focus to the varying distance to borehole wall while drilling. The tool also records wide-band vibration, acceleration, shock, orientation, and instantaneous collar motion trajectory via an integrated Drilling Dynamics monitor package, allowing for identification and flagging of drilling issues such as stick-slip and whirl.

As a memory tool with its own battery power and standard API mechanical connections, FracView is “service-company-agnostic” and can be included
in any BHA.

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Commercial FracView™ operations are now under way.  Contact us at to learn more. 

Answer Products

  • Acoustic impedance image
  • Borehole texture image
  • Borehole caliper
  • Statistics of RPM, 3-axis vibration, stick-slip and whirl
  • Diagnostic data, all data stamped with real time


  • Two independent transducers
  • 360 degrees of coverage when rotating
  • Autonomous operation
  • Includes directional sensor for high side detection
  • Battery power and memory for 200 hrs of logging time
  • Fast readout via 80 Mbps port
  • Screw-on stabilizers for wide range of borehole sizes


  • Natural fracture/fault characterization
  • Induced fracture detection
  • Thin bed and vug detection
  • Formation stress and stress rotation
  • Borehole stability
  • Dip measurement/geosteering (with real-time integration)
  • Lithology and facies identification
  • Frac optimization