FracView™ LWD Acoustic Borehole Imager and Caliper

The FracView™ 650 High Resolution LWD Imager with 6½ in. nominal collar size provides high-resolution borehole images and caliper data while drilling with oil-based or water-based muds.  The images are acquired by two dynamically focused ultrasonic transducers capable of adjustment of focus to the distance to borehole wall.

The tool also records wide-band vibration, acceleration, shock, and orientation via an integrated Drilling Dynamics monitor package, allowing for identification and flagging of drilling issues such as stick-slip and whirl.

Currently deployed as a memory tool with its own battery power and standard API mechanical connections, FracView is “service company-agnostic” and can be included in any BHA.

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Commercial FracView™ operations are now under way.  Contact us at to learn more. 

Answer Products

  • Acoustic impedance image
  • Borehole texture image
  • Borehole caliper
  • Statistics of RPM, 3-axis vibration, stick-slip and whirl
  • Diagnostic data, all data stamped with real time


  • Two independent transducers
  • 360 degrees of coverage when rotating
  • Autonomous operation
  • Includes directional sensor for high side detection
  • Battery power and memory for 200 hrs of logging time
  • Fast readout via 80 Mbps port
  • Screw-on stabilizers for wide range of borehole sizes


  • Natural fracture/fault characterization
  • Induced fracture detection
  • Thin bed and vug detection
  • Formation stress and stress rotation
  • Borehole stability
  • Dip measurement/geosteering (with real-time integration)
  • Lithology and facies identification
  • Frac optimization