About PetroMar Oilfield

PetroMar Technologies provides products and services related to downhole oil & gas exploration and other energy technology. Our team comprises an expert and multidisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and technical professionals. We share a passion for tackling tough new downhole product development efforts, and have a track record of doing so successfully. PetroMar’s focus is on time-to-market, quality, cost, and overall customer satisfaction. We will work with you to overcome your energy technology product development and manufacturing challenges…

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Our Services

Core Expertise

Sensor Physics

At PetroMar Technologies, nearly all of our products are based on an in-depth understanding of the s...

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Electrical Engineering

PetroMar’s electrical and electronic expertise is broad and deep, and based on decades of experien...

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Embedded Systems Design

Embedded Systems comprises the advanced hardware and firmware which manage the acquisition, control,...

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering provides the backbone of nearly any design, and PetroMar’s Mechanical Engin...

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Manufacturing and Testing

Once a new product has been developed, PetroMar can also be a trusted partner in manufacturing. We c...

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New Product Development

The PetroMar team’s experience and expertise comprise not only the scientific, engineering, and te...

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