PetroMar’s new FracView™ LWD named a Showcase Technology at 2017 Shale Insight Conference

PetroMar’s new FracView™ LWD named a Showcase Technology at 2017 Shale Insight Conference

EXTON, PA, Oct. 29, 2017 – PetroMar Technologies, Inc., recently  showcased its new, award-winning FracView™ LWD Acoustic Borehole Imager product at the 2017 Shale Insight™ Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.   PetroMar was invited to present FracView by the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s (MSC) Research Collaborative, hosted the conference’s Technology Showcase session and selected important new products and technologies aimed at unconventional oil & gas E&P.

The FracView™ LWD Borehole Imager provides high-resolution borehole images and caliper measurements while drilling with oil-based or water-based mud systems. The images are acquired by two dynamically focused ultrasonic transducers capable of automatic adjustment of focus to the varying distance to borehole wall while drilling. The tool also records wide-band vibration and acceleration via its integrated Drilling Dynamics monitor.

In May, the FracView product was also named a Shale Technology Innovation Award winner by the Shale Gas Innovation and  Commercialization Center.

About PetroMar Technologies, Inc.

PetroMar Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held multidisciplinary technology company which provides LWD tools and services for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, as well as a suite of high-end product development, applied research, and other scientific/engineering services for a wide variety of markets including Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Sensors, Aerospace/Defense, and Medical Devices.

Founded in 2011, the company is a certified Small Business and has a global customer base for its advanced products and services.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Earle Drack, VP Business Development, at or 484-206-4182.

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