“Proof of Concept” Prototyping

Sometimes the best way to validate a product concept or new technology is to construct a “Proof of Concept” prototype. In these cases the emphasis is on minimizing investment and obtaining the required answers as quickly as possible.

PetroMar understands the difference between a full-fledged product development and a “Proof of Concept” prototype designed to either validate the potential of a technology or else to “fail fast” and minimize investment. We have the practical experience needed to develop a prototyping plan which offers the best tradeoff of risk reduction, time-to-test, and overall cost, and to then execute that plan and deliver a prototype or fleet of prototypes. We can also aid in the characterization and evaluation of the underlying technology.

While our “Proof of Concept” Prototyping service is of particular interest to startups with tight burn-rate constraints (and to the Venture Capital firms which provide their funding), it can also be of value to larger firms with R&D resource constraints or scientific/engineering skillset mismatches.